92.7 Big FM is a national private FM radio station in India. It broadcasts primarily at 92.7 MHz from 58 stations across the country, reaching a potential audience of 450 million.


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Reliance Broadcast Network Limited owns BIG FM, known for its timeless music has evolved with the changing times. The new tag line of ‘Dhun Badal Ke Toh Dekho’ reflects the philosophy that ‘Changing the world for the better starts with changing your thoughts’.With the new positioning, BIG FM is playing a meaningful, relevant and compelling role in the lives of consumers.

BIG FM’s focus on creating effective and unique ideas clearly reflects the brand ideology of standing out. It is certain that with this strategy, the brand would be in the position to enhance the desired brand image by highlighting the core aspects relevant to the radio station’s TG and stakeholders in the most effective manner.

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